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MagaZorb® Total RNA Mini-Prep Kit

The MagaZorb® RNA Kit provides an easy, fast and cost-effective technique for isolating PCR-quality total RNA. Using one simple protocol, a high yield of purified total RNA can be isolated from various sources including whole blood (fresh or citrate-, heparin- or EDTA-treated), buffy coat, leukocytes and tissue (fresh or frozen).

The 20-Position Microcentrifuge Tube Magnetic Separator (Cat.# CD4002) utilizes a microcentrifuge tube rack that can be removed from the high-strength magnets for wash steps or incubation in a water bath. The rack is designed to hold the microcentrifuge tubes so that they will not fall o...

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MagaZorb® Total RNA Mini-Prep Kit

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MagaZorb® Total RNA Mini-Prep Kit


  • Proteinase K (PK) Solution

    MC600B1 x 4ml
  • Lysis Buffer

    MC601B1 x 40ml
  • Binding Buffer

    MC602B1 x 100ml
  • MagaZorb® Reagent

    MC603B1 x 4ml
  • Wash Buffer

    MC604B2 x 200ml
  • RNase-Free Water

    MC605B1 x 40ml
200 preps
- MB2004 R$ 3.866,00 Add to cart

Available Separately


20-Position Microcentrifuge Tube Magnetic Separator

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20-Position Microcentrifuge Tube Magnetic Separator


- CD4002 R$ 1.636,00 Add to cart

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Storage Conditions

Store at 22–25°C.

For product intended use please see Patents & Disclaimers tab.

20-Position Microcentrifuge Tube Magnetic Separator.Figure 1. 20-Position Microcentrifuge Tube Magnetic Separator.


Use Restrictions

MB2004, CD4002 For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Patents - Disclaimers

MB2004 U.S. Pat. No. 6,855,499 and other patents.

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