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Plexor® Analysis Software

In addition to the Plexor® HY System, the powerful Plexor® Analysis Software is available, free of charge, to get the most out of your data.

Download the Forensic release of the Plexor® Analysis Software.


The PCR Curves tab of the Analysis Desktop. The amplification curves window, melt curves window and well selector are indicated.


The Forensics Report of the Plexor® Analysis Software.

The Forensics Report includes important data in one easy-to-read summary, including the following:

  • Autosomal and Y-chromosomal DNA concentrations: The ratio of these concentrations can be tied directly to a decision between autosomal or Y-STR testing.
  • STR dilution status: Designation whether your sample is below, within or above your desired DNA concentration range.
  • The volume of extract necessary to achieve your desired template amount.
  • Any dilution factor necessary for highly concentrated samples to achieve desired template amounts in an easy-to-pipet volume.
  • The internal positive control (IPC) status to flag possible PCR inhibition.
  • Flag for low or incorrect autosomal or Y-chromosomal melt data.

See the version history of the Plexor® Analysis Software (Forensic Release).

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