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GSH/GSSG-Glo™ Assay can detect total glutathione, GSSG or determine GSH/GSSG ratios using fewer cells than standard methods


Limits of Detection
GSSG = 2.5nMGSH = 0.5nM

Directly measure GSSG from cells cultured in multiwell plates

  [GSH] nmol/106 cell [GSSG] nmol/106 cells
Cell Line Cells/well Vehicle Treated Vehicle Treated
HeLa 5,000 5.18 4.27 0.08 1.02
HepG2 5,000 2.31 1.41 0.03 0.40
HepG2 10,000 4.57 3.33 0.05 0.79
HepaRG 50,000 5.96 3.24 0.13 0.71
A549 5,000 5.58 4.31 0.06 0.33
Rat hepatocytes 20,000 6.24 5.09 0.30 1.71

Using the slope generated from the standard curves, glutathione RLU values are converted to micromoles GSH and GSSG.

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