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TFIIB, Human, Recombinant

rhTFIIB is a general transcription factor involved in formation of an active complex in vitro capable of specifically initiating RNA synthesis by RNA polymerase II. An early stage of initiation complex assembly involves the formation of a D-B or D-A-B complex, which consists of TFIID, TFIIB (TFIIA) and the promoter DNA. The stability of the D-B and D-A-B complexes is thought to be greater than that of TFIID and DNA alone. The full-length human cDNA for TFIIB is expressed in E. coli and has a molecular weight of 32kDa. TFIIB alone does not have DNA-binding activity.

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  • rhTFIIB

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Store at –70°C.

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E3790 For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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