Promega Corporation

Automation of Novel Assays for Cell-Based Multiplexing Scientific Poster




Tracey Worzella, Andrew Niles and Michael Busch*
Promega Corporation, Madison, WI 53711 and *CyBio AG, Goeschwitzer Strasse 40, 07745, Jena, Germany

We demonstrate the use of automation to perform high-throughput and ultra high-throughput cell-based multiplexing studies. We provide protocols and supporting data that demonstrate the automation synergies of the assays and CyBio CyBi®-Well hardware described here. The Promega MultiTox-Fluor™ and MultiTox-Glo™ are novel non-lytic reagents that have been developed to distinguish between viable and non-viable populations of cells in the same well. The ratio of live and dead cells can be used to normalize data in order to reduce error associated with cell dispensing or clumping. Using independent cell viability and toxicity readouts within the same well serves as an internal control and helps identify errors from interferences due to test compounds or medium components.

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  • Part# PS052
  • Printed in USA.

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