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HaloTag® Technology for Protein Expression Solubilization and Purification Scientific...

HaloTag® Technology for Protein Expression Solubilization and Purification Scientific Poster




Kate Qin Zhao, Rachel Friedman Ohana, Marjeta Urh, Jackie Kinney, John Eckert, Lance Encell and Keith Wood
Promega Corporation, Madison, WI

The HaloTag® protein is engineered from a bacterial dehalogenase (MW 34kDa) to covalently attach to a set of chloroalkane ligands with different functional groups, such as fluorescent dyes, biotin and solid surfaces. It has been successfully applied to live cell imaging, protein interactions and protein immobilization.

Designed for structural compatibility with fusion protein partners, HaloTag Technology has the following advantages:

• Enhancement of target protein expression/solubility as compared to GST, MBP and HIs6Tag in E. coli.
• Covalent immobilization wtih HaloLink™ Resin for better protein recovery and low nonspecific contaminants.
• Optimized TEV linker for better target protein release.
• In-gel detection and quantification of protein expression levels by 1:1 stoichiometric labeling with fluorescent HaloTag ligands.

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  • Part# PS096
  • Printed in USA.

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